Extended Wear hearing aids are the only non-surgical hearing aid solution which are completely invisible. They are tiny devices – currently the smallest on the market and they are exclusively available from a selection of independent audiologists. Canberra Hearing is fully trained to prescribe, fit and maintain the powerful Extended Wear option, Lyric.
This product is 100% invisible, 100% maintenance free. It’s a tiny yet powerful solution.

Extended Wear delivers exactly what the name suggests and is the only wearable solution which can be used round the clock for up to four months due to its exceptionally long battery life. They are a great option for people who may struggle with changing or adjusting a device due to eyesight or dexterity issues. 

 Interestingly Extended Wear employ analogue rather than digital technology which is why the battery lasts so long. Where you might expect a drop in sound quality from the newer digital options, the years we have spent fitting them in the UK has proved that they are an extremely sophisticated solution offering top-quality sound.  

 While these are a perfect solution for many, they are not suitable for everyone. Approximately one in five patients will be unable to have Extended Wear fitted – not to worry, there are lots of other great options available – and your audiologist will take care to check your suitability before you proceed.  

 Once the device is tuned and fitted you will be good to go for up to four months before needing to return and have them switched out for a new device. So with as few as three visits per year you could have a 24/7 hearing solution which is so discreet you’ll hardly know it’s there.   



CIC Hearing Aid

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC)

Like the name implies, these also sit in the ear canal. They are a touch bigger than the IIC but someone would still need to be looking pretty hard to spot one.
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In-The-Ear (ITE)

Slightly simpler to tweak controls due to its size, the ITE is fitted to sit snugly and discreetly in your outer ear.
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BTE Hearing Aid

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

It’s similar to the RIC with two parts (one behind the ear) but it’s slightly larger size increases battery and power.
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Roger Doucy's case study

Roger wore National Health hearing aids for 10 years and found them to be very frustrating. Since having Lyric hearing aids, he’s got his natural hearing back again, so much so, he forgets he’s deaf.

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