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    We pride ourselves on really listening and take time to understand your needs. So whether it’s help getting to the root of your hearing issue, updating your hearing aids, or discovering the many exciting options available at Canberra Hearing, we’ll find the perfect fit for you. Our specialist hearing care professional offers advanced hearing tests and hearing aids, gentle wax removal and hearing care in Canberra, Australia.

    Come and meet Matt Cannon

    Matt Cannon is one of the UK’s leading audiologists who has now brought his skill, experience and attentive approach to Canberra. From advanced hearing tests to fitting or re-tuning hearing aids, Canberra Hearing is local, independent and offers a full range of services.

    Matt is dedicated to giving you a unique, tailored experience and will always take the extra step to make you feel safe and supported on your journey towards excellent hearing healthcare.

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    Find our hearing clinic

    Our hearing centre is located in Canberra, Australia. Regardless of your needs or treatment type, you’ll always be treated to the highest standards of hearing care and service by our expert hearing care professional.

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    From diagnosis to treatment we help you regain hearing confidence and with it, your zest for life.

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    Hearing Assessments

    Taking the first step, booking that appointment to get your ears tested, can be the hardest one. That’s why we take time to make sure that the process is relaxed and enjoyable as well as extremely professional.

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    “I cannot thank you enough for the excellent service and attention”

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    Our friendly hearing care professional has helped thousands of people to rediscover a world of clearer hearing to improve their daily lives. Matt Cannon helps his clients rediscover their enjoyment and zest for life, he enables them to feel confident again in social settings knowing they can be part of conversations without worrying about their hearing.

    Our clinic, Canberra Hearing, is located in a bright, modern medical centre in Macquarie. There’s plenty of parking, and good bus connections in our well-located clinic. Plus with a range of other services on offer, you may be able to tick more than one thing off the list when you pop in for a visit.

    Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your hearing healthcare.

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