Hearing aids

Modern hearing aids are great. They’re discreet, comfortable and most importantly, the sound quality is exceptional. We have options that fit over your ear or sit inside your ear canal. We will explore what’s best for you so you won’t have to miss a thing. Learn more about hearing aids. 

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The most advanced hearing system on the market today, Lyric is completely invisible from the outside. As an approved supplier we are excited to offer this incredible product. Learn more about Lyric. 

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Going wireless

Accessorising is all the rage these days. When it comes to connecting to external devices such as linking to the telly, you’ll have great sound quality to maximise your experience. Plus we can offer discrete remote solutions for adjustments such as volume control. 

Cutting out tinnitus

The constant ringing of tinnitus can be really upsetting. Devices programmed with a low level of ‘white noise’ can have a dramatic effect in reducing and sometimes even totally banishing the unwanted buzz. 

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