Initial hearing assessment – 90 minutes

Matt Cannon discussing hearing aid options with a patient

This is where we pride ourselves on being able to combine professional skill with a personal approach. We will build you a full hearing profile so we can assess your needs now and for the future. It’s a comprehensive process. Our experience and training, mean that we a can offer the best advice to fit your requirements. 

1. Medical History

There’s a straightforward questionnaire for you to complete as well as a detailed medical history taken. We want to know the details of how hearing loss affects your life so that we can fine-tune the recommendations in step 3. 

hearing test

2. Examination

Examination starts with a video otoscopy (a camera inserted into the ear) and any wax build up being gently and hygienically removed. Once we have this there are three further functional tests: 

  • A pure-tone audiogram (which is the standard hearing test) 
  • A speech comprehension test in a quiet room 
  • A speech comprehension test in an (artificially) noisy room 

3. Results

This is the exciting part as we get to discuss the full range of options available to you, taking into account your unique hearing profile and functional test results. Because we have no affiliation with manufacturers, you can rely on our advice being 100% about what is best for you. 

3. Results hearing test



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