What does earwax build up feel like?

You could experience any combination of these symptoms: ear ache, dizziness, tinnitus (consistent ringing in your ear), a blocked sensation in your ear(s), some hearing loss or coughing. 

Don’t turn to cotton buds – they’ll make it worse!

Using cotton wool buds to try to clear earwax actually has the opposite effect. Wax gets shunted further down the canal (as the bud is too big) and compacted. The worst case scenario is that using cotton buds can actually damage the delicate skin that sits inside your ear. So definitely one to avoid! 

An easy fix

Luckily with gentle irrigation and microsuction there are easy solutions to eliminating unwanted earwax. At Canberra Hearing we use the latest high-tech equipment for comfortable, safe and hygienic earwax removal. It couldn’t be much simpler – get yourself booked in today if you think earwax could be causing any of your issues. It could make a huge difference to your hearing. 

Gentle irrigation

Syringing ears can cause discomfort. Irrigation on the other hand can be carefully controlled, allowing a steady flow of water to gently, but effectively, flush water and clear the build-up of wax.  

 It only takes between 15 and 20 minutes but to make the process easier and quicker, we may ask you to use eardrops for a few days before, which softens things up and reduces your time in clinic. 


Another gentle but extremely effective way of removing earwax is using a teeny tube inserted into your ear canal. With the help of a microscope we can carefully guide suction to target areas where wax has built up.  

Microsuction is super quick as it’s so well targeted and normally takes less than ten minutes. Again, we might recommend using special sodium bicarbonate eardrops before your appointment. And because there’s no water used in the process, it can even be done if you have a perforated eardrum. 

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