Meet Matt


After training at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Matt moved to London and developed his skills alongside the UK’s best audiologists, in a number of top hospitals.

In 2016 he set up his own thriving business – Sevenoaks Hearing.

From South East England to South East Australia, Matt’s taken his knowledge and unique personalised service to Canberra. Where he’s excited to spread his expertise and enthusiasm for all things hearing related in another part of the world.

Member of the Australian College of Audiology

It’s all in the detail

We hear you, so you can hear better.

There’s no one-size-fits-all with hearing healthcare. Getting it right can make a big difference to your quality of life. From the smile you receive when you walk through the door to the friendly, professional way Matt will get to know you, we believe the little details go a long way. We pride ourselves on really listening and take time to understand your needs. So whether it’s help getting to the root of your hearing issue, updating your hearing aids, or discovering the many exciting options available at Canberra Hearing, we’ll find the perfect fit for you. 



The foundations of our bespoke audiology service

Highly qualified hearing care professional

You will always be seen by Matt. A senior consultant and highly qualified independent hearing care professional. He’s passionate about customer care and has an incredible range of knowledge and experience from building his own successful audiology business in the UK. 

The latest technology

No two people’s hearing experience is the same. The first step for us is understanding yours. We keep up with the fast-evolving technology so we can offer you the most accurate tests. With these results we can create a hearing profile as unique as you are.  

Completely independent

Because we hold no affiliation to a particular manufacturer we can offer truly impartial advice. This means you’re going to get the products that are best for you. 

3. Results hearing test

Proactive follow-up care

Once we get your hearing in great shape, we need to retain that. By scheduling regular follow ups to tune and check the equipment you’re using, we ensure your hearing remains as good as it can be, all the time. 

Stories of success

Below are patient videos from our partner clinic Sevenoaks Hearing, over in the UK.

hearing testimonial

Rusty Dawson 2:06 mins

Rusty was in her late 40s when she experienced early onset age related hearing loss. She describes her experience and how it made her world a more exciting place again.

Hearing testimonial

Roger Doucy 1:55 mins

Roger wore National Health hearing aids for 10 years and found them to be very frustrating. Since having Lyric hearing aids, he’s got his natural hearing back again, so much so, he forgets he’s deaf.

Client testimonial

Sue Byrne 2:04 mins

Sue explains that her hearing loss was a side effect of her cancer treatment, and how her new hearing aids have turned her life around.

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