Mrs Barbara Wright

“I was excited when my Son suggested going to a specialised audiologist as I have only ever used more off the peg hearing aid solutions with mixed results. The first session – my mind was instantly put at rest by the professional attitude and the array of exciting high tech that surrounded me.  The testing was thorough but fun as they built a full profile of my hearing and recommended the various options available. I went for the top end hearing aid as I sensed that my quality of life would improve considerably and who can put a price on that! After the fitting, I was amazed at the difference talking to my Son on the way home on the motorway, and when I got home I noticed for the first time that my cat Lilly had a small bell on her collar, a sound I had never heard before! I am now happy to meet my friends in the restaurant for multiple conversations secure in the knowledge that I will be able to participate fully, rather than sitting on the edge of things and only catching the odd words. I can now answer the phone confidently, turn the TV down to normal levels and join in the somewhat high-speed conversations my Son engages me in! The personalised audiology service combined with high end hearing aids on offer has all added up to a huge increase in my quality of life!”

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