Widex Hearing Aids

About Widex Hearing Aids

Founded in Denmark in 1956, Widex is a family-owned company that provides hearing aids in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Widex approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as revolutionary wireless technology.

Widex aim to not only provide spectacular sound but also great design inside and outside the ear, to ensure you feel comfortable wearing it by combining technology with functionality and aesthetics.

From the drawing board to the finished article, every aspect of a Widex hearing aid is designed to work, perform, and sound as close to perfect as possible.

Widex Hearing Aids: How Canberra Hearing Can Help

Here at Canberra Hearing, we provide a wide range of hearing aids from several different manufacturers, allowing us to choose the perfect option for you from a world of different options.

We aim to find a device that feels tailor-made to your ear. Thanks to modern technology, we can ‘tune’ your hearing aid to amplify specific frequencies you have trouble hearing. We guarantee to find a style of hearing aid suitable for you and your lifestyle, all of our earpieces are custom made for maximum comfort.

We’d love to help you with your hearing issues, contact us to discuss our range of products or book a hearing test appointment today.

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